Xbox One Gets Cheaper by Dropping Kinect


Because PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, Microsoft took a strategic decision Tuesday when it announced the strip of Kinect motion sensor from the video game console and sell a new entry-level console for $399.

As Phil Spencer – Microsoft executive- said: it’s about consumer choice.. With more than 7 million units sold to date, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One with 5 million units to date, six months after the debut of the console. It seem that the exclusive rights to Titanfall hasn’t been enough.

The price drop decision was taken even if Microsoft believe the reason for the 2 million difference is because Xbox owners enjoy their systems more and they are less inclined to upgrade, as another Microsoft executive – Yusef Mehdi said: “People have been more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3, so in that respect people have less of a need to upgrade in the short-term due to regular updates for the Xbox 360″

It will be interesting to observe if the 100$ price difference will make the difference in terms of units sold.

  • boxyapp

    PS4 is still my favorite. :)